Corrie has always been the “go to” person for her friends and family, identifying herself as Lucy from the comic strip Charlie Brown . One friend even made her the poster: “Psychiatric Help 5 cents” to post on her door.

Corrie Sirota knew that helping people through rough times was what she was born to do. In her quest to achieve this goal she concentrated in the field of Social Sciences throughout her studies. She graduated McGill University with a Masters in Social Work in 1994 and then pursued a graduate certificate in the field of Loss and Bereavement in order to offer counseling and support to those who have experienced a loss.  Officially she has been supporting individuals, groups, families and organizations since 1994.

Unofficially, she’s been at it since childhood. Corrie specializes in  the areas of loss and bereavement, parenting, relationships as well as stress management and self-esteem.  In high demand by agencies, schools, companies and numerous other organizations, Corrie offers clear and comprehensive support through challenging situations such as marital or family discord, work place conflicts, death of an employee or student, and many other forms of crisis or trauma.

She is a seasoned public speaker, delivering customized interactive workshops, training or facilitation on a host of psychosocial topics for small or large groups.

Corrie uses humor in her approach to helping people. As she says, “While I cannot take away the pain that the death of a loved one causes, or change a difficult situation – often if we find a way to laugh at ourselves and/or the situation, it can serve to make it more manageable, which in turn helps us find a way through”. She believes, “He who laughs…lasts.”

Along with Corrie’s exemplary work history and result-oriented approach, it’s important to note that she brings a strength-based approach to everything she does, offering support and guidance through the journey, often holding the hope until others are ready and able to recognize it in themselves.