Working from a strength-based perspective Corrie believes that each and every one of us is capable of working through personal challenges. Although most of us would love to have a “quick fix”, her strategy is to accompany individuals through that process, often holding the hope until they are able to recognize it within themselves. Her goal is to empower people by helping them recognize their abilities and find balance in their lives.While respecting that each person has their own way of coping and state of “readiness” to make change, Corrie offers support and guidance during their journey.

She is deeply humbled by the trust her clients put in her and grateful for the opportunity to watch as they make positive change in their lives!
Using a multifaceted approach, Corrie incorporates various skills and techniques including supportive listening and direct guidance. The combination of using an individual’s strengths and sharing new concepts related to self awareness and personal development, she empowers clients to recognize that the changes they are seeking are already in them – they merely have to believe in themselves as much as she believes in them!