“Corrie’s infectious smile and fearless attitude draws you in. Her genuine compassion and profound insight into human nature keeps you coming back. But, it is her unshakable spirit and her boundless optimism, which will change your life. Corrie’s nurturing nature and non-judgmental approach make it easy to talk to her, listen to her and learn from her. I feel eternally grateful that our paths crossed, as Corrie has taught me how to face life and its challenges with courage, joy and confidence”.

K L (client)

– – – –

“When Corrie Sirota listens to you, and teaches you how to listen, she effortlessly assumes the (quite natural) role of someone who actively seeks to help, guide and point the participating person(s) where

he or she could turn. Her attention to detail, and her genuine ability and willingness to create positive change and enlightenment, makes her a caring, active leader in the field of counseling and care”.

Adam  K (Workshop participant)

 – – – –

“Corrie Sirota is a very special person. She is at the top of her field counseling her clients through all of life’s challenges with humor, empathy and irreproachable professionalism. As a speaker she is well versed in areas such as bereavement and bullying. She has an amazing rapport with children and goes to summer camps to work with counselors teaching them skills and games to deal with the campers. Always smiling and laughing Corrie makes everyone she meets feel comfortable. Speaking at conferences across Canada and US Corrie’s is highly respected in her field among her peers. As a private therapist Corrie knows how to reach people and makes it easy for them to open up. I have referred Corrie and the feedback has always been grateful and enthusiastic.

Anyone would be lucky to have Corrie on their team, she is the real deal”.

Phyllis F, Colleague

– – – –

Corrie has been the Group Facilitator for the Parlor Group I have been attending monthly for 7 years. She is a great listener who cuts to the root of the matter. She is supportive and non-judgmental, and always has a statistic/article/book/speaker to quote to back up her suggestions. She doesn’t give you one piece of advice, she gives you options, which in turn gives you the power to decide which route is best for you to take.

Cindy B – participant in parent group

 – – – –

When I first met Corrie, I was very drawn to her caring and dynamic personality. I was even more impressed with her when I heard her present at a workshop. She has a remarkable ability to keep a crowd engaged and interested, all the while maintaining the perfect balance between the human element and the theoretical.

Rania C -Former Director of the West Island Resource Center

 – – – –

“Corrie has the uncanny ability to engage an audience and capture their attention in a matter of moments. Her tone is a deliberate balance between confident and inviting. Perhaps more impressive, is the effortlessness with which she establishes relationships of trust and compassion with the people she encounters. Corrie knows how important it is to say what you mean and mean what you say. I am proud to call her both a mentor and a friend.”

Justin F, Camp B’Nai Brith Staff

– – – –

My husband and I were referred to Corrie in February 2010 after our son was stillborn. Our first few meetings were so successful that I didn’t think there was any more work to be done. What I realized later was that the healing process had only just begun and the road ahead was not as smooth as originally believed. Some of my most difficult and thought provoking days would follow but working with Corrie allowed me to address and accept our tragedy and the emotions surrounding it. With her guidance, patience and compassion, I was able to learn a great deal about myself and move forward as a new individual. Grief counseling was not easy, nor was it fun, but it was necessary. We have come a long way since that tragic day in February. Our family is growing and our outlook on life is bright and much more positive. We would not be where we are today without Corrie.

L B – Client

 – – – –

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Corrie for close to 5 years. Her guidance, insight, leadership and clinical skills fostered my professional development and growth. Always a wonderful learning experience. Corrie continues to provide supervision to me on an on going basis.

Sharon K – Colleague, supervised by Corrie

 – – – –

Working with Corrie for the past year on the development of an anti-bullying protocol for our school has been a great experience. Corrie brings a great level of enthusiasm and energy to the work that she does which certainly helps get the job done. In her role as liaison between the parent committee and the school she has been very supportive and strives to ensure that we respond to the needs of the whole school community (students, parents, and staff) while meeting the necessary requirements of the task at hand.

Wendy N and Pam O; Co-chairs, Anti-bullying/Campaign for kindness initiative, Hebrew Foundation School

 – – – –

There is the old adage of that you either have it or you don’t. Corrie most certainly does! And “it” is a multitude of characteristics that, when combined, make up an incredible speaker, outstanding counselor and amazing professional. I was taken by her obviously well researched and on topic presentations to my association on three different occasions. So much so, that I contacted her personally and immediately became a client as an individual. I benefit greatly from her perfect perspective, direct nature and am constantly shocked from her depth of knowledge. I am fortunate to have made this connection in my life!

Jim C, Owner – Feldman Funeral Home, Denver Colorado.