Creating a Positive Reality


Creating a Positive Reality

Creating a Positive Reality is more in your control than you think.
(Adapted from Mib Connections post written by Shari Reinhart)

Ever wonder why:

  • One person see the glass as half full while others do not?
  • One entrepreneur push through rejection while others give up at the first try?
  • One woman feel “good enough” while others question every move they make?
  • Dark rain clouds mean happiness to a farmer whose fields are parched, but to the mother of the bride at a garden wedding they mean something else. One group of clouds: two opposite emotional interpretations.

The answer is simple; because each of us lives in different realities!

On Oct 18th I presented a workshop at Mib Connections, a networking group established by Shari Reinhart, writer, blogger. My presentation was based on Shawn Achor’s newest book “Before Happiness”. The workshop objective is to help participants explore how they can expand their reality in order to see the world from different perspectives. Why is this important? In doing so; we open ourselves up to increased potential, more creativity and greater opportunities that impact our professional and personal lives. When we expand the lens through which we view our world can find happiness and success, regardless of potential obstacles. We needn’t wait for positive experiences and opportunities to grab us. Instead, we must believe in ourselves, in our own unique abilities and then take an active role in scanning for experiences and opportunities which in turn will serve to expand our thoughts so that we are open and ready to see the variety of choices available to us in any given situation.

And that’s just the beginning, in “Before Happiness” Achor offers 4 additional strategies. I welcome the opportunity to review any of the 5 concepts with your agency, organization or group in the form of interactive workshops –

1) Creating a Positive Reality:

Learn how to broaden your perspective so that you increase your potential both personally and professionally.

2) Success Mapping:

Identify and chart the best route to accomplishing your goals.

3) The X-Spot:

Techniques to arrive at your goals faster.

4) Noise Cancelling:

Increase the factors that lead to greater opportunities and resources.

5) Positive Inception:

Transferring your positive reality to others.

COST: Regularly $300 per workshop — SIGN UP TODAY ONLY $197.00 each