Death-Aversaries: 30 years later – 30 Reasons Why

Death-Aversaries: 30 years later – 30 Reasons Why

My brother Andy Sirota, died on Dec 3, 1988. How is it possible that 30 years have gone by?  I can’t wrap my head around the fact that there are times that it can still feel like only yesterday.

In honour of my brother’s 30th ‘Death-aversary” I wanted to jot down 30 reasons (actually 30 things) I will never forget about him.  To me, people die but never really go away. That is to say, memories are the pictures you take with your heart…So here are my pictures:

  1. Andy was quick witted & clever
  2. Andy had beautiful thick dark brown hair
  3. Andy loved classic rock music
  4. Andy was smart
  5. Andy had the whitest teeth you’ve ever seen
  6. Andy loved to eat and cook healthy food
  7. Andy was studying at the Trebas Institute of Recording Arts with the hopes of becoming a Record Producer
  8. Andy loved to go camping with his friends
  9. Andy was the most loyal friend
  10. Andy appeared quiet (but really wasn’t)
  11. Andy wrote poetry
  12. Andy had an amazing record and cassette (remember this was 1988!) collection
  13. Andy had a pierced ear (before it was popular for guys to have them)
  14. Andy loved his cars – especially his Fiero
  15. Andy never ate a sandwich in his life (which made lunches in high school quite challenging)
  16. Andy studied martial arts
  17. Andy liked to read philosophy
  18. Andy loved my Bubbie’s mandel bread
  19. Andy loved to sunbathe and often had a really nice tan
  20. Andy was in great physical shape
  21. Andy was kind
  22. Andy had a low tolerance (OK, no tolerance) for ‘stupid questions’
  23. Andy taught me how to ride a bike (but not how to stop)
  24. Andy loved to laugh (one of my favourite memories was going to a JFL gala just he and I)
  25. Andy was a proud usher at my wedding
  26. Andy was the ONLY person I ever played racketball with
  27. Andy slept on a water bed
  28. Andy supported and stood up for me when needed
  29. Andy was a GREAT frisbee player
  30. Andy died too soon.

It is so important to remember and CHERISH the things you love about the person who died. So, I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me…I know I did!

‘People may leave our lives but their memory lives in our hearts forever!’

If you want to know more about my story, a few years back it was featured in the Gazette by journalist Susan Schwartz.

Hugs and Hope,