The Only Constant is Change…

Things don't always happen for a reason

The Only Constant is Change…

While summer is, by far, my favorite season, there is no question; I think Fall is the prettiest. As I watch the leaves change color, I begin to wonder: why can’t people be more like leaves?  Leaves change, they go with the flow, not only do they adapt to their environment, they enhance it by making it even more beautiful.  Many people, on the other hand, resist even the slightest bit of change, making themselves (and often others around them) rather miserable.

Understandably, with change comes fear: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of difference – However, it is important to recognize that nothing new and meaningful in our lives comes without some moderate form of fear. Sure change often means moving out of your comfort zone – but maybe, that isn’t such a negative thing.

Here’s 3 practical ways to embrace change:

  1. Identify what you are really fearful of? Is it the change or are you merely comfortable because that’s the way things have always been?
  2. Take baby steps. You don’t have to make drastic changes all at once small, Robin Sharma suggests changing 1% a day, in 1 months time, you will have changed 30%!
  3. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the change, become the most enthusiastic person you know – by maintaining a positive attitude you are able to accept the changes rather than resist them.

Since change is inevitable, rather than fighting it, why not try to embrace it? Who knows, we may find that we actually like it – and then perhaps, similar to the leaves, WE can also add more beauty to our environment!